welcome to my website!

I work as a coach with people with stress-related problems, such as tension, tiredness, restlesness and burn-out. I’m also a gestalt therapist and  personal mindfulness trainer.

You could say the common theme of these three different approaches is  ‘lose your mind, come to your senses’. Thinking too much, being guided by stories, expectations or plans, yours or those of others: you lose contact with reality. And whether that means you become stressed out, overworked, rigid, angry, disappointed with life, sad, whatever: it hurts!

Yet, reality is always there to contact, here and now.

And that is what I will help you to do.

Whatever your condition, it turns out that being in contact with yourself, your body, emotions and needs, with others and with your environment, always feels much better than avoiding.  It also enables you to make conscious, well-founded choices, that wil help you to lead a more fullfilling life.

As a gestalt therapist I can help you to grow as a person, and also with problems in your private or work life: with feeling bored, unsatisfied, unhappy, for whatever reason.
Personal mindfulness training is suitable for you if you think a systematic training in mindfulness would help you, yet you don’t want to do this in a group setting.
As a stress & burn-out coach, I can help you to reverse chronic stress and it’s effects. I will use the CSR (Chronic Stress Reversal) method, based on scientific insights, practical and efficient.

Would you like to meet me, without obligation, to see if we get along and to present whatever it is that is troubling you? Then give me a ring or send me an email to make an appointment.  In the first session I can tell you whether I can help you and maybe, if you want, we can also do a bit of work together.  After that you can decide if you want to continue.

contact and costs

My work space is situated in Amsterdam Oud-West, near the Vondelpark and Leidseplein. So, near the centre of Amsterdam. Easy to find by car, bike or public transport. Parking space is usually available during the day.
t 0031 20 6899386
e info@claveaux.org

Open intake: € 40,00, half an hour.
In the intake we also decide what rate is suitable, should you want to continue.

In depth intake: If you suspect your problems are stress-related, we can also start with an online questionnary and two sessions to establish the cause and seriousness of your problems and how to reverse your chronic stress:  € 190,00.

about me

Whether as coach, therapist or trainer, I enjoy helping people to discover how to lead a more fulfulling life. In my work I am attentive, involved in what I do and supportive.  I also have an analytical mind, with which I can see what works well and also what could work even better!

I have a MA in Psychology and I am a member of the NIP, the Dutch Association of Psychologists. I was trained as a gestalt therapist by the NSG  in Amsterdam. I specialised as a coach for people with stress & burn-out at the CSR-centre.

I am very much inspired by Buddhism and have been involved with diffent Buddhist movements for more than 20 years . For approximately 15 years I have been teaching meditation and mindfulness.

For more than 10 years I’ve worked as a teacher at universities and HBO’s (universities of applied science), teaching subjects such as academic skills, psychology, psychobiology, research methods, statistics, reflection, study skills and communication skills.

I am 58 years young and I live with my son near the centre of Amsterdam, in a communal housing and working setting.


NIP, the Dutch Association of Psychologists:  https://www.psynip.nl/en

NSG in Amsterdam: http://www.nsgestalt.nl/

CSR-centre https://www.csrcentrum.nl/